Aside from actually shipping the goods across borders, warehousing of the goods is the most critical part of the supply chain. From using the warehouse to store goods for distribution at a later date, or using the cross-docking facilities, warehousing is an important aspect to take into account for any company looking to import and export. That’s why you should choose Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V.

On our locations in Roosendaal, we have approximately 10,000 m2 of warehouse to use for transhipment and distribution. This not only offers customers with large quantities of goods enough space for storage, it also allows companies needing storage near transport hubs such as the Rotterdam harbour and the Belgian and German border and all over the world.

Certified storage

You can also get in touch with us for the handling (organic) foodstuffs and non-food as we are certified for the storage of such goods. These goods are typically stored at our warehouse in Roosendaal, which is located in between the harbour of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Various services

In our warehouse, we have over 12,000 pallet places for storage. Our customers are continuously informed on the logistics and planned shipping of their products in real-time. In addition to order picking, we also offer several Value Adding Services, such as sampling, labelling and gas measurements.

Flexibility first

Our flexibility is anchored in our scale: because of the direct communication, keeping things low-key, it is possible to customize storage and solutions to the cargo that needs to be kept. We meet the strictest requirements in the field of food safety, hygiene, security and safety.

Get in touch for warehousing

In short, our years of expertise in the entire supply chain, has led us to become a most trusted partner in both shipping and warehousing. Our clients can enjoy customs storage, inbound and outbound logistics and value adding services to ensure the products and goods are always stored optimally. These services can be expected at all times, in all warehouses. That’s another defining factor.

Our decentralized warehousing allows all our clients the optimal location for their freight. Are you looking for a logistics and warehousing partner that can solve any and all issues in the supply chain? Get in touch with our specialists!

In no time they will set you up with a tailor-made plan to solve your warehousing problems.