Transport by Sea

The complete sea transport from the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp to a destination of your choice and the customs formalities are organized by Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. By leveraging our global network and long-standing carrier relationships, Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. brings you flexible, reliable ocean transport solutions built around operational excellence.

We take the time to understand your business and then work with you to develop customized transportation solutions, from finding the best schedule for shipments to securing competitive rates. Whether you need to split or share loads or link with other services – such as transport by air, multimodal transport, cross-border services, or customs house brokerage services – we always go above and beyond to help you find the solutions you need.

What do I need to consider when moving by sea?

At Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. you also have the possibility to share a sea container with other shipments, this is called Groupage Transport. When several people have the same port destination for shipping items, these items can be placed in the same sea container and sail out to your new destination. The advantage of this is that in addition to cheaper sea transport, you also share these costs with others based on the volume that you are
sending, so twice as cheap!

Below you will find a number of points of attention for moving by sea container. There are certain things you need to take into account when using our sea shipments.

Over land, over sea and in the air

With transport by sea you do not only have to think about transport to cities and countries that are close to the sea or ocean. A combination of sea, air and train or truck transport is certainly possible as well and Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. will organize it for you.

So you can simply move internationally, for example from the Netherlands to the desert city of Las Vegas.
Everything is possible with Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V.! If you have any questions about sea freight, please feel free to contact us. Or request a price indication via our quotation form.