Transport by Air

When delivery time needs to be as short as possible, Transport by Air is the most efficient choice. Using our international network, we ensure that your shipments are always on time.

Customized and reliable

Due to our strong relationships with various airlines, we have been able to always offer the right service at competitive rates. Depending on your wishes and needs, we offer customized solutions. Whether it’s a small package or chartering an aircraft, your needs are our priority.

The most efficient choice

Our expertise and experience allow us to determine which service is best for you. For example, based on delivery time or budget. In addition, we advise you how your shipments can be shipped as efficiently as possible. With each shipment, we offer different options so you can make an informed choice about how you ship your goods. 

Transport by Air is almost always combined with other forms of transport to eventually get the shipment from sender to recipient. In those cases, a combination of air/road transport and air/sea is often the fastest and most targeted way to bring goods to the customer. Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. is a valuable partner of the client in these complicated logistics processes.

Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. coordinates the switch to another mode of transport and is the customer’s point of contact for information. Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. takes the logistical care of intermodal transport out of the hands of the customer and guarantees an effective and efficient service.

What can be transported by air

First of all, commercial aviation allows the transport of people. Second, transport by air is one of the most widely used modes of transport. Although it is true that it is a type of transport with a high cost, speed is its most outstanding advantage. And it is that there are goods, which, by their very nature, can only and exclusively be transported by air, such as:

Why not focus on your business and leave your logistics requirements to our team of experts?

Not only are we a reliable partner, our service is very diverse and goes further.

We can inform customers extensively, but also provide the right before & aftercare. If desired, we can take care of the preparation of the necessary customs documents, customs clearance of your goods and mediate in your transport needs. Thanks to the correct application, planning and service, we can meet your transport requirements in almost all cases.

We take care of the entire settlement, including customs formalities. Have you become curious about what we can do for you?

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