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Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V., your partner in logistics

International transport by land, sea or air, requires knowledge and a network of specialized logistics companies. Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. has this knowledge and has an extensive global network of agents and logistics partners.

The company operates on all continents with multiple agents. Therefore Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. is able to provide optimal service and high quality at a competitive charge.

Global Logistics & Forwarding B.V. has a global reputation for being a valuable partner in logistics. Considering amount, delivery time and cost, professional advice based on wishes and objective criteria. We arrange transport for absolutely everything the customer wants.

Whether it concerns dangerous goods, clothing, tools, decoration, toys, cosmetics, nuts/needs, cheese or (exotic) fruit.

Handling of customs formalities is part of the versatile range of services. We also have our own warehouse storage of more than 10,000 m2 + approximately 700 rack places we also have storage space in Amsterdam (airport). To be able to deliver directly from both locations to the customer, air- or seaport.

Why not focus on your business and leave your logistics requirements to our team of experts?

Not only are we a reliable partner, our service is very diverse and goes further.

We can inform customers extensively, but also provide the right before & aftercare. If desired, we can take care of the preparation of the necessary customs documents, customs clearance of your goods and mediate in your transport needs. Thanks to the correct application, planning and service, we can meet your transport requirements in almost all cases.

We take care of the entire settlement, including customs formalities. Have you become curious about what we can do for you?

Please feel free to contact on info@glforwarding.com or call us on: +31104290131